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Training Therapy and supervision

Training therapy is a psychotherapeutic engagement where training psychiatrists and psychologists can experience therapy first-hand and can learn more about their inner workings, defenses, biases and prejudices. This results in a better awareness of their personal schemas when working with their own patients. 
Supervision is the formal arrangement of a safe, respectful and reflective space for therapists to discuss their work regularly that allows for the training and development of skills and provision of feedback to ensure best evidence-based practice and maintenance of ethical and professional standards. 

Wellness escapes/retreats

EMMlife provides personal and professional wellness escapes/retreats for health professionals.   
Escapes are meant to help you retreat from your usual responsibilities, providing you a safe space to unwind, relax and replenish. Emphasis is on grounding, reconnecting, reflecting and exploration of our higher selves. 


Personal and professional development educational series

EMMlife organizes personal and professional development educational series, that will stretch the boundaries of your beliefs around the essence of being. These sessions are an immersive in-depth journey into new territories in the field of spirituality, by way of interactive dialogues and meditative techniques, meant for those who are willing to question everything and seek the un-understandable.


EMMlife is keen to expand knowledge and skills around emotional embodiment and how to incorporate working with the body within the broader practice of psychiatry, and psychotherapy specifically. EMMlife organizes personal and professional development educational series around somatic experiencing therapy. 

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To express your interest in any of the above services:

Contact us

Above services are by availability/offer only. 

Dr Emmily is committed to providing transformative growth & development experiences through EMMlife, outside of her current employment at the Gold Coast University Hopsital.

She also works in private practice, currently at Mind on Health in Oxenford.

Individual consultations for training therapy and supervision are available on selected Saturday mornings, contact us for location and availability.

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